Chef Portfolio Cloud Solution for Chefs and Caterers

While keeping a mindset that Chefs, Sales staff and customer representative of Catering Companies are busy and need to be as productive as possible in order to process catering requests effectively without having to manage and babysit complex software daily, we are introducing our cloud catering solution for caterers and chefs: Chef Portfolio.

Manage Catering Requests, Events, Recipes, Menus and Contacts

Manage your catering requests, recipes and menus and keep track of contacts while managing your events without forgetting details. Print you recipes, menus, invoices, proposals or events and catering requests quickly. With easy access, the front page dashboard gives you a quick glance of all active catering requests, sales, payment due and your upcoming catering events from a single page without requiring further clicks or searching. Import and manage your recipes in one common interface with a single mouse click for drill downs to events and contacts details. Everything you need to manage effectively your catering requests in a single user friendly interface without extra fuss required to be up and running.

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